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Hi everyone, and welcome to my Coffee Pot Inc website. Coffee has been a passion or if I may say “addiction” of mine since I was 18 years old. Over the years, I have tasted numerous kinds of coffee and tried various grinding and coffee machine products, which resulted in vast knowledge and extensive experience in this field.

Being a Barista at Starbucks at such a young age, my passion for coffee was set on the right track. With more than 40+ blends, I had no shortage of different aroma and flavors. Within a few months, my coffee “intake” levels went through the roof!

Over the years, I have learned a lot about Coffee, Coffee machines, grinders, and want to pass my expertise on to you to enhance your coffee experience and joy with every pot.

A Little Story about my Coffee Life.

Growing up, I was always mesmerized by that morning smell engulfing our house. I never believed in my cup of milk when I was a kid; my parents had a daily coffee ritual three times a day.

As you all know, most of us grew up wondering about our parent’s love of coffee. They seemed to enjoy it, savor it, and most of all, when they had guests, coffee appeared to be the most friendly way to welcome and show appreciation to their friends and guests.

Jordan, the Barista.

When I reached 18 years old, my first job was guess where?!! Starbucks Coffee & Tea. It was my initiation to a professional emotional relationship with coffee.

“Smell, Slurp, Identify, Describe,” where the four magical words learned from day one!

From there, I embarked on a journey of knowledge and passion for coffee and coffee accessories.

My Commitment to YOU.

The purpose of Coffee Pot Inc is to provide you the best information possible on everything and anything related to the love of coffee. So for the “Love of Coffee,” I will consistently post product reviews for beans, machines, and grinders along with various articles with highly informative information.


Founder of Coffee Pot Inc

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  1. Hey Jordan! My name is Angela and I am a fellow coffee lover myself! I would like to speak to you about your site and have a few questions for you. If you could contact me for further discussion I would be 100% grateful to you.

    Thank you so much!


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