Best Decaf Coffee Beans Review – Recommended Brands

Best Decaf Coffee Beans Review – Recommended Brands

If you are looking for the best decaf coffee beans review for 2020, you have come to the right place. For many of you, caffeine can cause heartburn, lack of sleep, indigestion, or some sort of caffeine intolerance.

Excess of caffeine may affect the central nervous system, cause anxiety, heart arrhythmia, or trouble sleeping for some people.

Decaf coffee

Also, certain medical conditions can be worsened by caffeine. To name a few, patients on prescription drugs, pregnant and breastfeeding women, kids, and individuals suffering from anxiety or trouble sleeping.

Fortunately, high-quality decaf coffee brands are available abundantly to buy online.

Decaf coffee comes with many health perks. It is high in nutrients and antioxidants, including potassium, B vitamins, and magnesium.

Drinking coffee comes with many health benefits, you can take a look at the following articles for more information:

Decaf coffee is not 100% caffeine-free, the decaffeination process removes 97% of the caffeine. Source: Caffeine in Decaf (Healthline)

So let’s explore seven of the most charming decaf coffee beans brands that the world has to offer you, along with a brief guide on the best way to store ground coffee at home.

1 – Lifeboost Coffee Decaf Medium Roast (TOP Pick)

Founder & CEO: Dr. Charles Livingston

Roast: Medium

Bean: 100% Arabica

Origin: Single

Aroma: Intense

Taste: Undertones of chocolate and caramel with a slight fruitiness

Average Customer Review: 5/5

Cheapest Place to

Guarantee: 30 days money-back guarantee!


Lifeboost decaf coffee is 100% chemical-free due to the implementation of the Swiss Water Process.

The process begins by soaking green coffee beans in pure water to create what is called a ” flavor charged water. ”

The water then goes through a carbon filter, which holds only the caffeine molecules within its pores.

Now decaffeinated, the flavor charged water is now circulated over the green beans and the caffeine, now the flavor organically goes out of the beans, which is called simple diffusion.

One of the Swiss Water Process benefits is that it preserves the coffee flavor and complexity efficiently without introducing any other foreign flavors whatsoever.

As a rule of thumb for Lifeboost Coffee, the coffee beans are always hand-selected as the top quality beans of harvest by local farmers.

What makes Lifeboost Decaf coffee the best choice for you is that it is 100% organic and processed with love and care from start to finish.

  • Handpicked, Spring water washed, Sun Dried
  • Hand roasted
  • Mycotoxin free
  • Mountain Shade Grown
  • Pesticide-free
  • Fair Trade
  • Single Origin, 100% Arabica Bean
  • Decaffeinated by swiss water method

Lifeboost medium roast decaf comes with vibrant and bold flavor with undertones of chocolate, caramel, and a remarkable slight sweetness.

An astonishing taste is, as always, paired with an intense, unique aroma for a medium to low acidity cup.

Lifeboost Decaf Coffee

2- Illy Coffee Decaf Ground Coffee Medium Roast Coffee

Founder & CEO: Francesco Illy

Roast: Medium

Bean: 100% Arabica

Origin: illy blend

Aroma: Chocolaty

Taste: Smooth & perfectly balanced

Average Customer Review: 4.5/5

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Illy decaf ground coffee is the perfect match for everyone who might be allergic to caffeine, or is forbidden to consume caffeine by doctors orders!

The fine grind is perfect for espresso machine compatible with the ground, tamped coffee.

The package is an air-free, pressurized 100% recyclable can that preserves the excellent oils and aroma for the freshest cup of coffee.

Illy is named one of the world’s most ethical companies for seven consecutive years by Ethisphere’s list. You can rest assured that you are buying the best decaf ground coffee that the market has to offer.


illy Decaf Ground Coffee

3-Starbucks Decaf Caffe Verona Dark Roast Ground Coffee

CEO: Kevin Johnson

Roast: Dark

Bean: 100% Arabica

Origin: 80% Yukon Blend® and 20% Starbucks® Italian Roast

Aroma: Chocolaty

Taste: Roasty sweet & dark cocoa

Average Customer Review: 4.7/5

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Starbucks, the American coffee company, was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 1971. Since then, Starbucks grew to be the giant it is today.

With 31,256 stores worldwide, 13,189 of which outside the US Starbucks proved to be the number one coffeehouse chain bar none.

The company’s secret to success is in its use of premium 100% Arabica coffee from different regions around the world.

As for the Caffe Verona, it was first introduced for a Seattle restaurant in 1975. Back then, it was named Jake’s Blend. The blend gained massive popularity and love from coffee lovers that it went official under the name “Verona.” The inspiring city of love and romance!

Decaf Caffe Verino is well balanced, rich with a dark cocoa texture.

Full-bodied with a robust, significant taste.

Starbucks Decaf Ground Coffee Verona

4- Seattle’s Best Coffee Decaf Portside Blend Medium Roast Ground

Owner: Starbucks

Roast: Medium

Bean: 100% Arabica

Origin: Blend from Latin America

Aroma: Bright

Taste: Well rounded, smooth

Average Customer Review: 4.5/5

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Seattle’s Best Coffee started operation in the 70s, known as Stewart Brothers Coffee.

Soon enough, the company grew and moved the Vashon Island, where they blended delicious coffee for coffee houses and stores across Seattle.

After winning the “best cup of coffee in Seattle” and their high-quality coffee earned them the award, they changed the name to Seattle’s Best Coffee. A well deserved new name!

45 years later, Seattle’s Best Coffee perfected the signature roasting process while keeping true to their name.

The roasting process begins with the best beans, sourced exclusively from Latin America, of course, 100% Arabica.

Meticulous quality checks are then applied at three critical stages of roasting. From there, an astonishing smooth taste is created with passion and hard work.

Portside decaf blend is a well-rounded cup of smooth, medium roast, full-bodied coffee made from premium smooth roasted beans.

Seattle's Best Coffee Portside Blend Decaf

5- Maxwell House Medium Roast Ground Coffee Decaf

Parent Company: Kraft Heinz

Roast: Medium

Bean: 100% Arabica & Robusta

Origin: Signature Blend

Aroma: Enticing

Taste: Rich

Average Customer Review: 4.6/5

Cheapest Place to

Maxwell House is a US brand of coffee, part of the Kraft Heinz group.

Established in 1892 by Joel Owsley Cheek, the coffee brand was named after its first big customer, Maxwell House Hotel, in Tennessee.

Having a bold slogan “Good to the last drop,” Maxwell House was the best-selling coffee brand in the US up until the late 1980s.

Maxwell House Decaffeinated was first introduced into the east coast markets in 1983.

Maxwell House Decaf has a consistently great taste with a well-balanced medium roast made from 100% Arabica and Robusta beans blend.

Perfect for use drip brewers with a resealable canister for guaranteed freshness.


Maxwell House Decaf

6- Peet’s Ground Coffee Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend, Dark Roast

CEO: Shown Conway

Roast: Dark

Bean: 100% Arabica

Origin: Blend

Aroma: Intense

Taste: Spicy, Complex

Average Customer Review: 4.5/5

Cheapest Place to

Over 50 years ago, Alfred Peet began Peet’s Coffee with a commitment to quality and the most flavorful cup.

Since 1966, the company built long-lasting relationships with farmers in the best high-elevation coffee growing locations around the globe.

What makes Peet’s unique is that they use the process of roasting each coffee individually, in little batches and by hand! The result? Rich, bold roast with a unique flavor found nowhere else.

When it comes to freshness, there is no compromise whatsoever, roasted each night, and shipped the next day right to your doorstep.

As for the decaffeination process, the direct contact method is used. After being steamed, the beans are rinsed in a solvent to take out the caffeine. The coffee is then steamed for 10 hours to take out the solvent. Finally, the beans are washed, dried, and ready to roast!

Peet’s Major Dickason’s decaf is called as such due to a very loyal customer and retired army officer named Key Dickason. The officer came out with the idea that will become Peet’s most popular coffee in 1969.

Peet's Ground Coffee Decaf Major Dickason's Blend, Dark Roast

7-Gevalia Decaf House Blend Ground Coffee

 ParentJacobs Douwe Egberts

Roast: Medium

Bean: 100% Arabica

Origin: East African, South American, & Central American blend.

Aroma: Caramelly

Taste: Smooth, Caramel undertones

Average Customer Review: 4.7/5

Cheapest Place to

Gevalia was established in 1853 in Sweeden by Theodore Engwall & Co KB. The brand is very well-known in Northern Europe.

In 1983, Gevalia began exporting coffee to North America through mail order delivery service.

Kraft announced the retail launch of Gevalia premium brand in the United States with a complete line of whole bean, ground, flavored and decaf products.

Gevalia proudly offers more than 30 coffees, ranging from intense dark roasts to the most exotic blend on the market.

As for the Gevalia Decaf House Blend, you can still enjoy an exclusive taste without the caffeine guilt. Created from 100% Arabica beans, you are guaranteed enjoyment by this medium-bodied coffee with caramel undertones, always rich, and smooth!

Gevalia Decaf House Blend Ground Coffee

The Best Way To Store Ground Coffee

Ground coffee and whole beans have the same enemies. Air, heat, light, moister, and changing temperatures can damage your ground coffee. The mentioned factors cause the cell structure to change, thus the loss of the oils that provide the coffee with its flavor and aroma.

Accordingly, the best way to store ground coffee and keep its original taste is in opaque, airtight canisters (containers) on a pantry shelf.

It is okay to freeze whole beans for one month only, taking into consideration that you do not take them out during that period.

If you happen to store large amounts of whole beans, divide into small portions then freeze in airtight bags as recommended by the National Coffee Association.

After removing the whole beans from the freezer, keep them on a shelf for two weeks to rest, then you can grind again.

Healthy Yet Surprisingly Charming

Misconception floats around about the flavor and aroma of ground decaf coffee. Many claims that it is not as good as regular coffee. I tend to disagree with that statement in case you chose one of the best brands recommended here.

Lifeboost decaf coffee, or Starbucks Verona? You might ask! The choice is yours, I can say with peace of mind that both are superbly crafted and healthy.

Having a health condition or not, you can always enjoy a fresh, creamy cup of decaf coffee in the afternoons without worrying about sleep disorders. Decaf is a necessity for all of us coffee lovers!

If you enjoyed this best decaf coffee beans review, please go ahead and share with us your reviews, comments, and insights in the comments section below!


14 thoughts on “Best Decaf Coffee Beans Review – Recommended Brands

  1. I’m one of those people who love coffee but can’t tolerate the caffeine. It gets worse as I age, especially the arrhythmia and indigestion. So far, I’ve tried Illy Coffee but don’t really like the after taste. I’ve heard good reviews about Lifeboost but didn’t know they have a decaf until I read your review. So I will probably try that because I like the fact that they are 100% organic. 

    1. Hi Cathy,

      In fact, Lifeboost coffee has a massive lineup of organic, chemicals free decaf coffee to choose from. All are stomach friendly (low acidity) and decaffeinated using the natural “Swiss Water Process.” I reviewed the full range of Lifeboost decaf here: Lifeboost Decaf Coffee



  2. What a wonderful best decaf coffee beans review for 2020. I appreciate your exploration of the seven of the most charming decaf coffee beans brands that the world has to offer and the brief guide on the best way to store ground coffee at home. I am partial Starbucks, Seattle’s Best and Peets brand. I think that there really isn’t too much difference in taste between caffeinated and decaf. I love them both because I just love coffee.

    It is a great tip about dividing coffee beans into small portions and freezing in airtight bags as recommended by the National Coffee Association. 

    1. Hi Geri,

      The flavor of decaf coffee is near identical, you can enjoy the same taste if you prefer decaf over regular. 



  3. Thanks for this review. I like the Illy brand but I have personally stayed away from decaff versions. I heard long ago that the process of creating decaff or removing caffeine from substances involved some chemical procedures. Is this true?  I would be really interested in finding out the truth as I really like coffee but don’t enjoy the effect of caffeine.  So I am limiting it to one cup a day currently. But with decaf option, I would consider drinking more often.  

    1. Hi Yumironi,

      Yes, the solvent process of decaffeinating coffee does involve a chemical solvent. But, another natural method called the “Swiss Water Method” is completely chemicals free and keeps all the coffee characteristics of the aroma and flavor. Lifeboost Coffee uses the Swiss Water Method; you can read more here: Lifeboost Decaf Coffee



  4. Hi, Jordan.
    Thanks for sharing the information on Decaf Coffee beans. It was an excellent article with seven most charming brands. I liked the Lifeboost which is also your top recommendation and would love to order a pack from their website. Thanks for solving the big question on how to store the ground coffee in our kitchen.An overall very yummy piece of information.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hi Guarav,

      Lifeboost Coffee won’t disappoint you at all! On the contrary, you are in for an excellent coffee experience. The good thing is, it is 100% organic, pesticides, and chemicals free!



  5. Thank you so much for that information especially as I am a real coffee fan and do tend to drink organic coffee beans although I do limit how many cups that I drink through the day. This article has shown me a whole new range of decaf which I had never explored previously so now I might actually try and give it a go. Your pur across a lot of interesting information so thank you so much.

    1. Hello Imelda,

      Glad you enjoyed the review, stay tuned for a detailed Lifeboost decaf coffee review where I will explore the full range of decaf coffee they have to offer.



  6. HI! Thank you for giving us this list of brands. I love coffee, I really love it, LOL, and your post has excited me and I can’t wait to taste all these 7 brands. Do you think I’m kidding? I’ll start with Starbucks decaf caffe verona dark roast ground coffee. And I’ll share with my Instagram followers my impressions. Would you like to read my impressions after tasting each one of these 7 brands?

    1. Hi Ann,

      Believe me when I say, we share the same passion! Yes, I would be happy to read your review on these seven decaf coffee brands, and I invite you to write a review of your own to be posted on



  7. Hello there and great information.  I just got into drinking coffee and I still do not drink a ton of coffee but am interested in seeing what the healthiest coffee and best tasting coffee is.  You did a great job of describing the quality of the beans and I am totally about organic plants and products.   With that said, do you have any decaf coffee’s that are organic or use organic coffee beans?    Thank you.  Your answer could get me into coffee if there is an organic coffee bean mixture.  Thank you.

    1. Hi Eric,

      In fact, Lifeboost Coffee company uses only organically grown beans, and they have one of the highest quality coffee in the market. I have written a complete Lifeboost coffee review here for your convenience!



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