Coffee House Franchise Opportunities In The USA & Canada (Part 2)

Coffee House Franchise Opportunities In The USA & Canada (Part 2)

In my last article, we discussed the difference between establishing your own independent business VS Investing in coffee house franchise opportunities in the USA & Canada. Business operations and advantages of both options were also highlighted along with two opportunities available at the moment. You can refer to the post here in case you missed it: Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunities In The USA & Canada (Part 1).


Following my recent research throughout the web, I will write today about two new coffee shop franchise opportunities for you to check out and maybe consider one of them as your future business!

Please keep in mind that I do not endorse any opportunities; my purpose is to give you ideas, perspectives, and options for you to study further.

Both of the following businesses require a decent amount of financial resources for you to able to succeed, so due diligence is expected from your side.

I will post a weekly article about two new opportunities every week so that I can give you a full scope and a broader perspective on the current market condition.

Port City Java

Overview: Port City Java “Started walking up guests since 1995” with a small coffeehouse in Wilmington, NC. Since then, Post City Java grew to be one of the most favorite coffee spots around the world. Fresh and flavorable coffee cups are guaranteed with every brew due to the evaluation of every single coffee batch.

Their Coffeehouse concept provides:

  • Fresh, upscale beverages and foods
  • Quick counter service
  • Soft café seating
  • and the World’s Finest Arabica Bean Coffee!

Products & Services: Port City Java® is continuously on an international search to capture the finest ingredients for the perfect cup.

Also, they provide a selection line of baked products perfectly paired with any coffee blend. Your guests will be able to treat themselves with a variety of baked pastries, bagels, muffins, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and many more delicious desserts.

Smoothies are also part of the family, all-natural 100% pure fruit without ice.

From Slush’n Joe™ to the Mocha Shake, these cold drinks are an addiction for coffee delicacies lovers!

For the hungry gals and pals, we got you covered with an extraordinary range of sandwiches from Panini Grills to healthy snacks, wraps, and everything in between.

Training and Support:

A Port City Java® Franchise offers its franchisee the following:

  1. Use of the trademark Port City Java® name.
  2. Proprietary coffee products from our Port City Java® Roasting Facility. As a result, our franchisees can be assured of Freshly Roasted Coffees, which are procured from estates worldwide and roasted by our Roast Master to Port City Java® specifications.
  3. Corporate Purchasing Power and National Accounts with Vendors, relieving the Franchisee of having to negotiate.
  4. Equipment and Furniture Specifications and approved vendors.
  5. Interior designs, including space layout, complementing colors, and a designed atmosphere.
  6. In house Baking Program, generating fresh products with less waste.
  7. Manuals, providing instructions for procedures, recipes, and marketing.
  8. Training. We require initial 21-day training. Also, phone consultation and email consultation is available.
  9. Ongoing product development. Whether it’s our Slush’n Joe™ or Coffee House Classics Sandwich Program, we are continually developing new products and programs for our Franchisees, allowing Franchisees to devote full time to operations.
  10. Total Support. We will never forget the Port City Java® Brand belongs to all of us! We are only as successful as our Franchisees.

Source: Port-City-Java-Franchise

Experience & Requirements of the franchisee:

  1. Experience and background:
  • Market knowledge and expertise
  • Passive investment or remote primary ownership is not allowed
  • A successful multi-unit management history as an owner-operator
  • Foodservice experience
  • Business management experience
  • Computer literacy
  • Financial capability to sustain, fund and execute the franchise
  • Creditworthiness

2. Personal Attributes:

  • Forward-looking, long term mentality
  • Enthusiastic and self-motivated
  • Good health & respectable appearance
  • People-oriented
  • Professional and energetic
  • Dedication and commitment to succeed
  • Manage finances.
  • Leadership and communication skills

3. Financial & Development Requirements:

  • $200,000 minimum liquid assets per store.
  • $500,000 minimum bet worth per store, exclusive of home.
  • Personal finances not to be exclusively reliant on Caffe business revenue
  • No more than 60% of start-up costs can be leveraged.

Caribou Coffee Company


Overview: Caribou Coffee Company started operations in 1990, the founder journeyed to the top of Sable Mountain through the Alaskan wilderness.

The breathtaking view at the top triggered a real “aha” moment, which became the vision for Caribou Coffee, a company committed to excellence and hard work creating the most exceptional experience for guests of Caribou.

Product and Services: Whether you brew at home, or prefer a steaming cup they have prepared, amazing beans and coffee are guaranteed.

Caribou treats their coffee beans correctly from start to finish, from selecting the best green beans to creating blends, roasting, keeping beans fresh, and brewing. Caribou only accepts the highest quality product and practice standards, regardless of the costs.

Coffee: 22 unique coffee drinks for every taste and mood out there!


  • Reindeer Drinks
  • Whole-leaf teas
  • Smoothies
  • Cocoa drinks

Bou Gourmet: Best bakery products for the best food pairing for your guests.

Experience & Requirements of the franchisee:

  • Restaurant franchising experience in your area of business
  • Live and work in the area you wish to start your franchise business
  • Commitment to a minimum of 10 coffee shops development plan.
  • Financial and administrative resources to operate and support your franchise.
  • Real estate expertise in the area you wish to start your coffee shop franchise.


Port City Java or Caribou Coffee Company?

A tough question and an even tougher decision to make, if you are considering starting your coffee shop franchise opportunity, both companies offer well-established brand names, experience, huge product range, and signature.

As you can see, both companies do have minimum requirements to work with you. This conveys a high level of professionalism and commitment.

I appreciate the diversity both companies show in terms of branding, product range, services, and business practices.

More opportunities are yet to come, at the end of the day having so many franchises and coffee businesses competing for “guest” can only increase the final product quality which guarantees all of us the best cup of coffee everywhere we go 24/7 all year long!

I encourage you to comment below and share your thoughts on today’s topic.



4 thoughts on “Coffee House Franchise Opportunities In The USA & Canada (Part 2)

  1. Firstly, let me appreciate the amazing job you do of providing at least, to business opportunities every week. That is so thoughtful of you. I know how intensive starting a business can be because I have been involved in 2 startups. 

    That is the reason I can understand how demanding it can be to franchise an already established company.

    It can be capital intensive, some companies might even require that you’re already experienced in the field like the case of port city java.

    I’ll be sure to look out for more of the opportunities you’ll be sharing.

    Thanks 🙏🏾 

  2. Your idea of reviewing franchises is a good one because here in Australia people are getting themselves in trouble with franchises not living up to expectations or changing the rules once the people are already signed up. If you could give some more in depth information on the success of these franchises I think that would be incredibly valuable for people who are putting their life savings into these enterprises. Running a coffee/food business is hard work and so the training and support would be hugely important. In your rundown Port City Java detailed a good training package, does the Caribou coffee offer similar support? 

  3. Hello there thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.coffe shop business is a very overlooked business in Canada and according to statistics an average coffee shop can make between 100,00-500,000bucks yearly so I think is a very lucrative business to go into.

  4.  hi, do you copy industry is a very competitive one. it is hard to compete against the big name companies. I see it here where I live. The smaller guys cannot compete, location is important, but people really like to go with the big name companies. So it’s not some thing to do with you are an amateur

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