Social Effects of Coffee – A Different Perspective

Social Effects of Coffee – A Different Perspective

When thinking about the social effects of coffee, one can not ignore how this delightful substance invaded the lives of so many of us for more than 600 years!

The International Coffee Organization states that the global coffee output for 2019/20 is at 168.71 million bags worldwide.

That’s a staggering number, wherever you go around the globe, you will find coffee in every corner. It has become a “centerpiece” of society’s daily routines and rituals.

Social Impacts of Coffee


Some use it to wake up, for the flavor and aroma, some for the alertness boost it provides, and some for an energy boost after lunch.

If you visit a busy Starbucks store, walk around the tables, and observe.

You will see the student studying, a couple enjoying a chat, a writer finishing a book, friends having a good time and a business deal closed in agreement, and much more blooming social interactions.

The secret lies in the fact that coffee and caffeine, the world’s most consumed legal psychoactive drug, stimulates our brains and enhances our mood, increase alertness, and many health benefits that come with it.

A Sense of Community And Friendship

Taking away all the physical and physiological effects of coffee, one can not but stress the fact that coffee is and will always be a social trigger.

We live in the age of isolation; if you are a parent, you would agree that your kids prefer video games over hanging out with friends playing football.

Walking down the street, notice how many are glued to their smartphones using every sort of “digital communication” medium.

In brief, we seem to be talking and communicating less with each other becoming less and less the social beings that we should be.

Thankfully, we have coffee to compensate. Many well-known coffeehouse’s goals are to create a social retreat, a “third place” environment as Starbucks Coffee & Tea names it. A place to relax, socialize and enjoy the quality time together.

What do stressed colleagues, arguing couples, intellectuals, book writers, musicians, and business people have in common?
They all wind up at their favorite coffee shop sitting together and going over whatever is on their minds, to be creative, to resolve conflicts, and to close business deals.

“Let’s talk about his over a cup of coffee,” did you hear this phrase before? YES, and I bet you, many times. It is this social behavior that defines what the social impact of coffee on an individual level is.

Twitter, a social network used by most of us, has an abundance of tweets related to coffee!

” Kyle & Lisa Cooper@KyleandLisaC

Husband & wife, best friends, worshipers of Jesus, pastors & artists, enjoying people, coffee, music & giving our lives to the adventure God’s created us for.”

”  Rachel@Rachel_Olbur

Enjoying good coffee & company along the way ”

” Janet Norton Bettag@JanetBettag

Writing, enjoying good coffee, connecting with interesting people. Does it get any better than this? ”

” Joseph McDonagh@JoeMcDonaghFilm

Freelance journalist/film critic/part-time snob from Bristol, UK. Just sitting here, enjoying my coffee.”

”  Raquel Aguilar@LaMazapancita

Passion. Passion about coffee, social media, music, movies, makeup, and enjoying flavors. C’est quoi la vie si on n’a pas de passion? ”

” Nicola Cliffe@NicolaCliffe

Mum, sometimes HR bod, property investor & volunteer. Loves life, sleep, captivating books, proper coffee, earrings. Enjoying a long break from monotony.”

” Paula@DairyFarmher

Cows are chewing; calves are mooing & coffee’s brewing. Proud Canadian dairy farmer enjoying #FarmLife with our #FarmKids  ”

These are only a few of thousands of tweets mentioning coffee from people of different walks of life, profession, religion, and nationalities.

Starbucks Coffee Mission

Coffee Culture and Impact In the USA & Canada

The Coffee Association of Canada states that coffee is the most consumed drink among Canadian adults, even more than tap water! Please take a look at the stats they published recently.

The Coffee Industry in Canada:

  • $6.2 billion industry
  • $4.8 billion sales in Foodservice
  • $1.4 billion transactions in Grocery / Retail Sales

Coffee Creates Jobs in Canada: 

  • 160,000+ jobs in Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • 5,000+ jobs in Manufacturing and Roasting
  • 5,000+ independent café and coffee shop owners and several thousand franchise owner-operators
  • Attractive entry-level positions for young people
  • Jobs in support sectors such as packaging, cup suppliers, food manufacturing, etc.

As for the Coffee Industry in the USA, the numbers are even more staggering.

 The Coffee Industry in the USA:

  • The coffee industry economic impact in 2015 was $225.2 Billion
  • Coffee commercial activities consist of 1.6% of the total U.S GDP C
  • Consumers spent $74.2 Billion on coffee in 2015
  • Responsible for 1,694,710 jobs in the US economy
  • Generates $28 billion in taxes

So what do the numbers mean? Aside from the economic impact, coffee puts food on the table for thousands of families. Helps young people start a part-time or a full-time job until they graduate, improving the lives of many, and impacting hundreds of related businesses.

The social impact connection here is fascinating; coffee gets people together, creates jobs, help other business strive.

Cafe Trottoir / Parisian Cafe

Parisian cafe


Since the 17th century, Parisian cafes became the focal point of culinary and social life in Paris. Serving as a meeting place, networking hub, place to relax, and political gatherings of the city.

It is typical, in Parisian Cafes, to sit for hours, watching people going by relaxing by just observing things happening while having a cup of coffee. Usually sitting outside the store, hence the terminology “Cafe Trottoire,” which stands for “Sidewalk Coffeehouse.”

That does not stop here; Paris cafes do serve a complete restaurant menu with meals around the clock along with wine, beer, and deserts.

Some of the cafes are still operating since 1686, most notably Café ProcopeCafé de la Paix since 1862, Les Deux Magots since 1884. Quite an impressively long history, these coffeehouses witnessed many significant events in the history of France and Europe.

Coffee In Middle Eastern Societies

Lebanese Turkish Coffee


Ahh!! That’s a whole different story. A few years ago, I visited a friend of mine, Tony, in Beirut, Lebanon, and was stunned by the amount of coffee that I had to consume in a single day.

Lebanese people are hospitable by nature, and the way they prepare coffee that is so unique, rich in flavor, and a strong aroma.

Lebanese coffee or Turkish coffee is brewed using superfine ground beans; 3 to 4 teaspoons in a small coffee pot boiled for 5 to 6 minutes is all it takes to delight any coffee lover.

During my stay in Beirut, I noticed that coffee is everywhere and a daily companion for every family. My friend told me that from a very young age, he remembers waking up to a coffee smell engulfing the house, so strong and so attractive.

With tears in his eyes, Tony said: “Watching my Grandmother Theresa, mesmerized by how joyful, relaxed, and talkative she became from the first sip.”

North of Beirut, coffee habits are even more intense; they serve it in shots. Small porcelain cups, where you have to drink it all at once to get another one within minutes, and it goes on.

Families here gather around coffee, share joyous memories, a good laugh, and tons of stories of old!


A Moment of Joy!

Coffee social impact


We, the human race, have things to bond us more than we can imagine. While social media and the world wide web connects us digitally, coffee went above and beyond technology and infiltrated our moments wherever we are.

The social impacts of coffee are seen all over the world.

American or European, Arab or Asian, African or North American, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Buddhists all of us love coffee.

We all long for moments of joy and laughter, human connection, family gatherings, or a simple face to face chat with a close friend.

Do you have nostalgic memories linked to coffee? Did you ever close the deal of a lifetime over a coffee cup?
Maybe you met your soulmate in a coffee shop?

You are invited to share all your experiences in the comments box!
















12 thoughts on “Social Effects of Coffee – A Different Perspective

  1. If your family is wealthy or not, If you used to live in the center or in the suburbs, in any case, most likely your day normally starts with a cup of coffee. That’s a connection point, the commonly shared “like” that would work to break the ice and keep talking.

    Thanks for putting together this list of facts and some of your interesting experiences (I could relate to some of them as my genetic roots originated in Lebanon). 

    Coffee is also healthy, there are several university studies that report that people drinking 3 or more cups of coffee on a daily basis are more prompt to live longer than people in the same demographic group that don’t consume it.

    Great post!

  2. I agree coffee is a big part of social life!  At our church, we make several pots for all of our fellowships. Some like it more than others, but those that do are more of the older generation.  I am noticing the younger generation is not drinking as much.  

    I am the only regular coffee drinker in my house.  Some of my older kids will have an occasional cup with me, but they do not drink it on a regular basis.  My husband has never liked it.  He loves the smell but not the taste.  I have only 1-2 cups in the morning because if I have it later in the day, the caffeine will keep me awake at night.

    Overall, I think coffee is one of the best beverages to socialize with, and in our society, we need socialization because too many people are stuck on their devices.  Thank you for your article!

    1. Hi Karen,

      Good to hear you make pots of coffee at the church fellowship, that will create many friendships, bonding, and trust.


  3. I love the scent of roasted coffee beans; it is so stimulating. Coffee indeed brings people together. The cafes in Paris that you described are also typical in Belgium (where I am from) and sitting there, drinking, and people-watching is also done there while chatting, reading a newspaper, or just enjoying the day.

    We truly live in the age of isolation; everyone is glued to their phones; it’s terrible. Coffee places are those places where people can still socialize, unless they bring their phones, lol. I used to love going to those cafes in Belgium, and also in France (been there many times 🙂 )

    1. Hey Christine,

      Yes, the Coffee shop scene in Belgium is indeed flourishing, not to mention Belgium’s super delicious gourmet chocolate!



  4. I have had coffee my whole life, and yet I don’t believe I have considered the global impact that it has on so many people. It is a centerpiece of many experiences that crosses all generations. I have a new appreciation for a substance I consume without much thought. It is a substance that binds the human race together like no other. 

    1. Hi Lee,

      Coffee’s impact on our daily lives is tremendous, on a personal level I always enjoy coffee with friends, family, coworkers, and most of all I was able to close many deals over a delicious cup of Latte. It just made the rigid business talk more of a friendly one with a relaxed atmosphere!


  5. A coffee bean is such a tiny thing really. Yet look at the way it affects the lives of so many people worldwide. Some of us wake up in the morning yearning for it. Others have to have it at varying times of the day, and some remain listless and lacking for energy if they don’t have it.

    The social impact that coffee has on our lives is quite astonishing and there are many different perspectives that people can take regarding the matter of coffee.

    I myself am not dependent on it in any way, but I do enjoy the taste of a good cup of coffee now and then. Just for the rich, strong flavor.

    1. Hi Donald,

      Glad you enjoyed the article on social impacts of coffee, from my own experience, I have 3 to 4 cup per day like clockwork.

      Stay tuned for more interesting facts about coffee!



  6. I never knew coffee was such a profitable product! Coffee is a big staple in my life and my family’s. We sit around the kitchen island sipping away talking about what we are doing that day. Thinking about all the times coffee has been part of a situation shocking. Morning means coffee. Late family fun nights- coffee. Movie Marathon- coffee. All these times have memories and coffee literally made them possible. I really enjoyed this article! 

    1. Hi Denton,

      Yes, companies are making big bucks out of the coffee business.

      I am always fascinated by how small things in life make can enhance the joyful moments of every one of us.


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